What is Supported Employment?

Supported Employment is an employment strategy that is based on a partnership between an employer, employee with a disability and an occupational coach.  The strategy works on the premise that specialized support is offered to both the employer and employee in the endeavor of achieving sustainable disability employment.

Why Choose Supported Employment?

Cutting edge research has proven that supported employment can successfully create jobs in businesses and assist people with disabilities to become employed (Crowther, Marshall, Bond, & Huxley 2001; Burns, Catty, Becker, Drake, Fioritti, Knapp, Lauber, Rossler, Tomov, Busschbach, White & Wiersma 2007). 

The Employer

Employers will learn how to create work opportunities specifically for persons with disabilities, by applying the model of Supported Employment to their business. When an employer implements the model in their company, they will be socially responsive, comply with employment equity legislation, while at the same time maintaining a profit driven business.

The Employee with a Disability

The employee or work seeker with a disability is an active role player in the partnership between the employer and ASE. The model promotes rapid-entry-into-work for people with disabilities, which ASE services through a large database of job seekers with different disabilities. An optimal match between the person’s abilities and the job requirements is fundamental to the success of the applied model. The model furthermore serves people with disabilities who are already employed and needs support to sustain their worker status, and prevent absenteeism.

Altitude Supported Employment

ASE brings disability- and employment expertise to the partnership. Occupational coaching strategies are utilized, that include: assistance in preparation to return to work and find work; assessment of work support needs to enhance productivity, and implementation of coaching techniques that actively support adaptation to their new job. ASE consults on suitable and affordable work accommodations, ensuring job tenure and job satisfaction. ASE’s service to the employer and employee is hands-on in the real work environment.


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