About Us

Altitude operates in various industries which include amongst others, food and beverage, chemical, manufacturing, cosmetics and retail sectors providing  efficient and cost effective outsourced processes. We take your non-core operations and make them our core functions, thereby adding value to your business and supply chain whilst creating good saving costs.

Our Mission

To provide quality work-(re)integration and support services to new and existing employers of people with disabilities, and employees with disabilities; and, through evidence-based practices, effect an increase in disability employment in the open labour market of South Africa; as such, we will contribute to the dismantling of the disability stigma (that people with disabilities cannot work), and prove that they are able to work and compete in the open labour market on a playing field that has been appropriately leveled by South African legislation.

Our Vision

To be the preferred, expert service provider to employers in South Africa, on all aspects of sustainably employing people with disabilities.

Our Values

We highly value the contribution of employers to effecting our company’s mission.

We hold, to the same high regard, all people with disabilities who want to work and become our partners in our company’s endeavors.
Above all, we value equality, integrity and veracity, and resolutely uphold these values in our practices.

Work Experience

Zerina brings over 25 years of work experience with a special interest in all matters related to workplace mental health and promoting positive wellbeing using modalities such as coaching, counseling, training, and group facilitation. She started her career in public service, working at a mental health facility for 16 years, where she pioneered the practice of supported employment by developing employer partnerships to help people with psychiatric disabilities gain employment. Thereafter, she joined academia as a lecturer at UCT for six years, contributing to teaching on mental health and providing counseling support to students. Zerina’s work as a private practitioner includes work in the UK, in forensic mental health. She has published academic articles in peer reviewed journals and contributed to two chapters in textbooks, most notably in the field of supported employment and psychiatric disability.


Zerina is the first black female Director of ASE( Pty)Ltd. She holds a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from University of Cape Town; and a Graduate Certificate in Integral Coaching from the University of Cape Town (GSB); and a Graduate Certificate in Employee Assistance Programmes from University of Pretoria ; and a Certification in Supported Employment from University of Virginia (USA).

Contact Zerina

For more information on Zerina’s services go to: www.asewellbeingwithzerina.co.za

Zerina Hajwani


Madri is an occupational therapist with 21 years’ experience in Supported Employment. She started her career in forensic psychiatry and has continued to practice in mental health, vocational rehabilitation and work practice, disability employment, and the human resources field. She has trained and supervised undergraduate and postgraduate students in Supported Employment, and founded Altitude Supported Employment with Zerina and Alistair in 2014 to hone a focus on using the Supported Employment Model in business to promote sustainable employment of persons with disabilities.
Madri follows a holistic, rights-based orientation to disability integration into the workplace. She approaches projects with a scientific mindset to reveal evidence for integrative approaches utilised at ASE. She holds a doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Stellenbosch University, and a masters from the University of Cape Town. She is published locally and internationally in academic work, disability, and occupational therapy journals, and is a reviewer for research journals on work and disability.

Madri Engelbrecht


Alistair graduated from the University of Cape Town in 1988 with a Bachelor of Business Science degree with Marketing honours and then went on to complete a Diploma in Accounting and Finance from Damelin College. Prior to being involved in disability and employment, Alistair served a short stint in a corporate sales and marketing environment in the liquor industry. Realizing that this was not where he wanted to pursue a career, he joined two friends in building a business in the fashion and accessories business. A chance meeting with people with disabilities and people involved in the disability sector saw him sell out of this business after 8 years to follow the path that has now become the Altitude Group.

Alistair Roberts



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